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How does Lindsay Lohan's career look?

Right now? Lohan's future prospects? Not. So. Good.

I have a new comedy blog

With great power comes great responsibility. Not just for Spider-Man anymore, it also applies to professional journalists who want to cover comedy. Here is my new work blog about the funny business. Read it. Bookmark it. Put it on your blogroll. Tell your friends to read it. Email me with comedy news and tips. And other things I haven't mentioned. Thank you.

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This summer's new must-see TV

After an original list of 25 shows to watch and chat about this summer, I got the official NYDN list down to 10 new TV shows this summer worth watching, recording and talking about -- for better or worse. Here they are.


1) It doesn't go as far as I remembered it. Instead of Canada cheap, it's Canada expensive! Boo.

2) If you fly back into the U.S. with $8.70 in Canadian money, the exchange center won't accept it, and the person behind the counter will tell you that no bank will take your silly Canadian coins. Wait. Did I say silly? I meant "loonie" "toonie," as their $1 and $2 coins are known up north. Yes. Their coins are loonie toonies. No wonder the U.S. won't accept them. Argh. So I'm stuck with these coins until I go back to Canada. What a sneaky little trick, Canadia! If I hadn't bought that soda at the airport, I would've had a perfectly good $10 colorful Canadian bill that could've been exchanged. Argh. See you soon, Canada. See you soon.

Was I supposed to phrase that in the form of a question?

Want to know how Harry Potter ends?



Blogging in Brooklyn

A few things I like about ny new neighborhood

So I've been living in Brooklyn for a month. Certainly, I miss some things about my brownstone apartment in Boston's South End, but not a lot, considering how welcoming the big city has been thus far. A lot going on, for sure. Not "the city that never sleeps" for nothing. And just think about some of the things going on outside my door...

Across the street, a joint that offers indoor bocce alongside a place that Dave Hill says serves the best fish-and-chips in the city.

A few blocks in one direction, they're getting ready to open Brooklyn's first Trader Joe's.

A few blocks in the other direction, a brilliant view of Manhattan from either the Promenade or the new free floating barge pool and beach (watch NBC Nightly News video covering the opening).

For a few days last week, the British Royal Navy was walking by my building to get drunk!

Plus, the mayor is temporarily hanging out, er, um, working, a few blocks away.

There are more reasons to love my new digs, but I'll get to those later.

Video of me performing stand-up comedy

On second thought, I may not look at all like my Simpsons character. Or do I? If this video of me from April is any judge, not really. But that's not why I posted this. Rather, I finally got around to figuring out how to turn my Comedy Studio DVD from April into a YouTube video. And here it is. If you've never seen me tell the jokey jokes or say other words of relative amusement and amazement into a microphone whilst standing onstage in front of living, breathing, willing human audience members, then, well, this is your chance to make things right in the world. Plus, there are people in this little-known universe who may not have understood nor believed that I'd done it before, this comedy thing. So, without much further ado, five minutes with me (preceded by about 30 seconds with Rick Jenkins of the Comedy Studio saying nice things about me). Enjoy? No. Enjoy! :)


Make your own Simpsons character

Is this how I look in the world of the Simpsons? Perhaps. The Simpsons movie site lets you create your own avatar, so try it on for size to see how you'd look (or think you can create a better me). In related news, the Sunday New York Times ran a story about how some video gamers spend way too much time on their avatars.
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Hot-diggity-dog, it's almost the Fourth of July!

What are the two things you most look forward to about the Fourth of July? That's right. Hot dogs and fireworks. And who has the inside scoop on both the Nathan's Famous eating contest (including a coworker who made it into the finale!) and New York City's fireworks display? That's right. I do. You're welcome.

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