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My Daily News

Hey there, readers of blogs. I haven't updated quite as often as of late, so I need to fix that. In the meantime, here are some clips of mine from recent editions of the New York Daily News.

Today: In the wake of Evan Almighty, I imagine some other folklore film ideas (the studios should credit me or pay me on the back end if any of these ideas hit the screen, wouldn't you agree?) such as the Tooth Fairy, Mr. Sandman, Venus, Aphrodite, Bigfoot and the Ten Commandments.

Saturday: A new federal sex survey! How does your sex life stack up?

June 15: My exclusive interview with radio jocks Opie and Anthony.

More to come, people. More to come. And if you're good at dot-connecting, you can figure out where I've moved and what I may be doing in my new locale. But more to come.


Another landmark June 22

Success. A good Friday for me. No blasphemy intended. But it is June 22. And as I've said before, a good time for change. More to come.

A week without cable...or Internet?!

In about two hours, Comcast will stop by my apartment to remove my cable TV and Internet hookups. I'm moving tomorrow. But Time Warner, my new home provider, won't be hooking me back into the matrix until next Thursday. So for the next seven days, I'll be running around with my laptop in search of free WiFi every so often. Or I'll just drop out for a week. Who knows. Wish me luck!

Bryan Callen enters Cook-CK debate, but why?

Last week's episode of Live At Gotham featured some very funny comedians. I know because I was at the taping back in March. And yet. And yet, I saw that Comedy Central chose to air a bit by Bryan Callen about how he'd change his name to a couple of sounds -- sounds more than a bit familiar. Especially to fans of Dane Cook and Louis CK. I wrote about the issue last summer. Dead Frog also weighed in, and includes audio from Steve Martin showing the bit predated both Cook and CK.

So why would Callen, a TV and movie vet, even go near this bit? It's not on the Comedy Central site, but Callen has uploaded a previous version of his take on it...

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The more the Red Sox change...

Please, God, not another June Swoon. Through June 6, the Red Sox record this month is 1-5. Ugh. Ick. Egads! Yikes! Someone stop this madness.


Silver Surfer quarters?

I wondered the same thing when I saw the new Fantastic Four movie promoting Silver Surfer on the sides of U.S. quarters...is this legit? No. Not legit. Curious why they thought they'd sneak this past the government. Then again...


On the move again

Yes. I know. A week has passed, things happening -- Lindsay Lohan and A-Rod on the front pages! So you think you can dance? Other things -- and no posts from little ol' me. What's that about? I'm moving. Kind of distracts a blogger, even though the subject itself, moving, provokes all sorts of thoughts and emotions worth blogging about. Just cannot get to it today. Plus, a college reunion? Sort of. Developing. Please remain patient. More goodness to come. Thank you. That is all.

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