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This week's New McCarthyism

Am I getting too old for this? I'm certainly older now than I've ever been. And now I'm older still. Thank you, They Might Be Giants, for reminding me of something I've always associated with aging: Old lady smell. Is that how old ladies smell, or is that the perfume old ladies use to cover up how they really smell? I hope it's the former, because if it's the latter, that's one really awful perfume.

Blogged by The Hazzards

The Hazzards are in Boston, and they are cameraphone blogging. Sydney caught me and Anne Harris looking cheery late last night/early this morning at the Boston Comedy Festival. Wanna see? I look dark and fuzzy, don't I? Look at Anne instead!

I'm on FOX25 News at 5:30

This Thursday and future Thursdays, around about 5:45ish, look for me to pop up on the FOX25 News to talk pop culture and offer my instant opinions on topics of the day. Tonight, we'll probably get to Britney's baby, Whitney and Bobby, Christie Brinkley and 9/11.

Just in case you want to see me and mock me for a change. Or see me and fall in love all over again. Your choice.

Boston Comedy Festival overload!

In case you've been coming here looking for new blog posts, please go to my Jokers Wild blog (a link is atop this page) at the Boston Herald, where I've been blogging all of the action this week at the Boston Comedy Festival. The festival continues through Saturday.

Don't worry. I've been DVRing a bunch of TV, so I'll catch up on Katie Couric, Dancing With the Stars, Britney's new baby and everything else soon enough. Just not right this second.

Thanks for reading!

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Five years later

I believe the appropriate cliche for today: "The more things change, the more they stay the same."

For further reading:
Q: Wasn't society supposed to change forever? (Boston Herald)
A: Not so much. (Los Angeles Times)

Who's Suri Cruise's real daddy?

"Yes, Suri, She's Our Baby." That's the Vanity Fair headline making news today. Yes, Suri Cruise exists. Upon that we can agree. But as my perceptive colleague Lauren Beckham Falcone points out, something about this photo looks awfully familiar.

Tom Cruise, Kate "Katie" Holmes and Suri Cruise.

Olivia Newton-John with Kelly Preston and Preston's daughter, Ella Bleu Travolta.

Leah Remini and daughter Sofia.

Kate Katie Holmes told VF about her daughter, Suri: "She has Tom's eyes. I think she looks like Tom." Um. She also looks more than a bit like every other celebrity Scientology baby daughter. Is this the start of Clone Wars: Battlefield Earth??? What does a baby picture of L. Ron Hubbard turned female look like? They need to take this to Maury Povich and settle it once and for all. That'd really make Tom Cruise jump up and down on a sofa, wouldn't it?

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Belaboring my post-Labor Day non-labor

Yes, lots to talk about, from Steve Irwin to Dane Cook, Rosie, Katie and more...I'll be posting again later today. So please come back. Thanks!

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